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Remedial Therapy, Creative Educational Material, English/Afrikaans Translating, Editing

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Carissa Klokow, Remedial Therapist & Language Specialist

Carissa Klokow is a highly experienced and accomplished Educational Practitioner. She does Remedial Teaching and Tutoring of young people in all the learning areas in both English and Afrikaans medium and is an author of creative educational material. Over many years, she has gained a reputation for her professionalism and providing an optimally nurturing, safe and non-judgemental environment for children of all ages to fulfil their academic potential.


Remedial Sessions
in Person or on Zoom


Creative Educational Material




Scholastic Evaluation & Remedial Therapy

Creative Educational Material


Parents & Principals Recommend

Mr Sello Moila and Yoliswa Moila

"This letter serves to testify that Ms Carissa Klokow is a highly experienced remedial teacher who has played a meaningful and instrumental role in transforming my son’s comprehension and reading skills.
My son was a lost soul whom the school system has identified as ‘slow’. He lacked self-confidence, was fearful of trying and went off to school with great reluctance. Following remedial sessions with Ms Carissa Klokow, he became eager to read everything in sight, proud of feeling smart and he became a happy, confident and confident young man.
In 2018 my son Katlego Moila (my son) who was in grade 2 by then, could not interpret sounds when reading and his reading tempo was below average. Through Ms Carissa Klokow‘s highly polished skills..."

Madeleen Gorst-Allman

“Carissa was employed at the above-named school in various capacities,
between January 2006 – December 2015. Over the period of 10 years, I got to know her both professionally and personally.
Carissa’s gentle, compassionate nature endeared her to the children in her care
and resulted in her being a much-loved member of our staff. Her unwavering
honesty and determination are character traits that have held her in good
stead and which have enabled her to tackle many challenges...."

Idillette Hartmann
Speech Therapist and Audiologist

“It is a great pleasure for me to certify that Mrs Klokow is known to me for the last 15 years.

Mrs Klokow’s academic knowledge, her practical experience and knowledge regarding the field of remedial work and language enrichment (in both
English and Afrikaans) all make her an exceptionally capable and seasoned
remedial teacher. She also presents with excellent translation skills (English to
Afrikaans and vice versa). Her professional approach can be observed in the way in which she executes her daily..."

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