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Mr Sello Moila and Yoliswa Moila

This letter serves to testify that Ms Carissa Klokow is a highly experienced remedial teacher who has played a meaningful and instrumental role in transforming my son’s comprehension and reading skills. My son was a lost soul whom the school system has identified as ‘slow’. He lacked self-confidence, was fearful of trying and went off to school with great reluctance. Following remedial sessions with Ms Carissa Klokow, he became eager to read everything in sight, proud of feeling smart and he became a happy, confident and confident young man.

In 2018 my son Katlego Moila (my son) who was in grade 2 by then, could not interpret sounds when reading and his reading tempo was below average. Through Ms Carissa Klokow‘s highly polished skills,
experience and professionalism in remedial therapy, my son’s comprehension of reading and answering of questions improved quite drastically.
Katlego became much more confident in doing his homework tasks after a few months of therapy sessions with Ms Carissa Klokow. His reading greatly improved with plus minus 40 words per minute.
He now speaks more clearly, and there has been an all-round improvement in his schoolwork. His marks improved tremendously and he is much happier and comfortable with his progress.

Katlego has made considerable progress in both Mathematics and English since 2018 and his attention span has also increased more than before. Before joining therapy sessions with Ms Carissa Klokow,
Katlego’s academic progress was looking very bleak.
As parents we can testify that through Ms Carissa Klokow’s intervention and support my son’s concentration, listening skills, reading and school work has improved in leaps and bounds. He is a lot more attentive.
I recommend Ms Carissa Klokow’s services for any parent who is experiencing similar challenges expressed above with his or her son to consider the services of Ms Carissa Klokow. She is very good
in building- up self-confidence amongst emerging young men and women who are finding it difficult to adjust accordingl, and her method of improving memory and concentration is working with distinctions.
Yours Sincerely
Mr Sello Moila and Yoliswa Moila: Parents of Katlego Moila, Pretoria

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