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Evaluation of the child’s current scholastic functional level.
Identifying the existing barrier(s) to optimal learning as well as evaluating the child’s strengths.
Devising an individualised therapy programme, specifically targeting the child’s perceptual, cognitive and emotional needs.

Remedial Therapy

It is a multifaceted approach, tailoring Remedial intervention plans to a child’s specific needs. Therapy focuses on developing skills which are lacking, at the same time bearing in mind the school’s curriculum. Clearly defined goals and strategies are devised and customised to the child’s specific needs. The aim is to build a solid foundation and have the child reach his/her scholastic potential as soon as possible.

Possible Indicators of a Need for Remedial Therapy:

  • Performance at school indicating underachievement in any of the areas

  • Lack of motivation for school-related work

  • Poor self confidence

  • Inability to keep up with peers

  • Avoidance of tasks which require mental effort

  • Insufficient active engagement with scholastic tasks

  • Signs of being overwhelmed

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Creative educational material

As well as sourcing the most appropriate material for each child individually, Carissa writes and develops her own material.

Her guiding principles are:
  •  Motivating the child to want to engage with the material
  • The exercises must be fun, “different” and stimulating.
  • Visually appealing and graphically rich material.
  • Having the ideal balance between the child’s comfort zone (known material) and challenge (new material/concepts).
  • The child must be able to do the work independently as much as possible.
  • Maximal perceptual modalities engaged in doing the exercises.
  • Creative reward systems are built into the activities.
  • Material developed according to sound educational principles.
  • Material is appropriately graded.


English/Afrikaans Translating and Editing for students and
With her passion for language, meticulous attention to detail and caring commitment to client support, Carissa guides students with their preparation for written submissions and oral presentations, thereby assisting them to attain greatly improved academic results.




Carissa's success with young people of all ages who present with a wide variety of needs, is attributable to her versatile approach and ability to adapt her methods to the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Having pinpointed the weak areas, she systematically builds proficiency in those areas, using concrete manipulables where appropriate, unique games and activities, as well as traditional scholastic exercises.
Carissa takes great care to employ a variety of methods, including electronic aids, so as to ensure maximum stimulation, skills-development and absorption of material.

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