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Parents & Educational Professionals Recommend 

Mr Sello Moila and Yoliswa Moila

"This letter serves to testify that Ms Carissa Klokow is a highly experienced remedial teacher who has played a meaningful and instrumental role in transforming my son’s comprehension and reading skills. My son was a lost soul whom the school system has identified as ‘slow’. He lacked self confidence, was fearful of trying and went off to school with great reluctance. Following remedial sessions with Ms
Carissa Klokow, he became eager to read everything in sight, proud of feeling smart and he became a happy, confident and confident young man. In 2018 my son Katlego Moila (my son) who was in grade 2 by then, could not interpret sounds when reading and his reading tempo was below average. Through Ms Carissa Klokow‘s highly polished skills..."

Madeleen Gorst-Allman

“Carissa was employed at the above-named school in various capacities,
between January 2006 – December 2015. Over the period of 10 years, I got to know her both professionally and personally. Carissa’s gentle, compassionate nature endeared her to the children in her care and resulted in her being a much-loved member of our staff. Her unwavering honesty and determination are character traits that have held her in good stead and which have enabled her to tackle many challenges...."

Idillette Hartmann
Speech Therapist and Audiologist

“It is a great pleasure for me to certify that Mrs Klokow is known to me for the last 15 years. Mrs Klokow’s academic knowledge, her practical experience and knowledge regarding the field of remedial work and language enrichment (in both English and Afrikaans) all make her an exceptionally capable and seasoned remedial teacher. She also presents with excellent translation skills (English to Afrikaans and vice versa). Her professional approach can be observed in the way in which she executes her daily..."

M van der Wielen
HOD Pastoralcare and Religion

"To whom it may concern,
Mrs Carissa Klokow was employed at St Paulus Primary School from 2006 until
2009 on a full-time contract. She then went into private lessons working for herself
from 2010 until 2015 on our school premises. She also took groups of Grade 4’s
from 2014 until 2015 where she helped children to catch up with Afrikaans from an
additional language to a home language."

Elke vd Berg

"Good teachers help guide their students to develop their potential and embrace their strengths. Mrs Klokow is not only a good teacher, she is a great one. The time, effort and nurturing environment she creates fosters not only academic growth but the holistic growth of the child. I will forever be grateful for the assistance she provided my son in achieving great improvement in English and Afrikaans but also for the true friendship she fostered along the journey. I highly recommend Mrs Klokow!"

Professor Suprakas Sinha Ray, PhD

""As a grade 0, when our son went to school with no knowledge whatsoever in Afrikaans or English. However, this is not how the story ends. With the help of the most dedicated and knowledgeable teacher we have ever known, and one who would be more than willing to help with an assignment due the next day,  we can now say that our son has acquired an exceptional understanding (top student in his class) of the two languages. Without Ma’am’s help, our son would unquestionably not be in the position where he is now""

Kalushi Molefe

"We would like to thank you for the professional service you provided to assist our child in remedial work. You were so kind to us and our child Bokang. Your assessment of the child’s developmental needs were of high importance. Bokang was not performing well at school and reserved because he lacked confidence. You assisted him with his Maths skills and English skills. Now he is confident and participates in drama and soccer at school. He is willing to take any challenge that comes his way due to all the motivation and learning during the sessions with you. You are the Godly angel sent into Bokangs life. He is always looking  forward to the next session with you."

Thully Mathunjwa

"My son has been struggling with attention deficit and lacked confidence. He couldn’t even have courage to read his reader, make a good sentence not even try to answer any questions  I am so thankful to Carissa for accepting my son for who he was and loving him. He enjoys her company, their little chats and plays before the session. He gained confidence to try anything, not shy anymore reads writes and do homework on his own. Whatever she did was a miracle package in her soul, keep it up. I will continue use her services.
Thank you Carissa!"

Petra Haselmaier

"My daughter Ilke was about 12 years old when we detected that she had problems with her English reading and writing. We were advised to seek remedial help. A friend suggested Carissa Klokow and she worked wonders with Ilke. My daughter enjoyed every lesson with Carissa and we experienced a month to month progress in her English. Ilke retained her love for English with the help of Carissa
and so also improved her school marks in English. I would recommend Carrisa Klokow to anyone that needs remedial help with any subject."

Nkhensani Manyike

“A child with learning difficulties is a challenge for any new parent but the interventions and assistance of Carissa has made it easy to overcome. I was first introduced to Carissa over a decade ago with my eldest son who experienced learning difficulties which almost reduced his capabilities to a school for children with special needs. Today, I’m proud to say that he is successfully studying towards a
Degree in IT at the University of Pretoria. Our paths crossed again with my younger son who is also experiencing some challenges that required remedial interventions. Once again, Carissa stepped in with her perseverance, commitment and dedication to assist him to overcome. Through her, I have learnt to be a better parent and never lose hope on a child no matter how hopeless the situation may seem.”

Candice Mitchell

"My Daughter started with Carissa at the age of 8 (Grade 3). She was struggling at school with
reading and comprehension, and this was causing her to not reach her full potential. Right from the start she was very eager to see Carissa every week and do the best that she could. She loved the fun, individualized sessions that were always planned. Over the year that she has been with Carissa, her reading has gone from strength to strength. She is now almost on par with her school friends. This has helped her so much in her school work and has also helped boost her confidence. We are grateful that we were able to get Carissa as our daughters remedial teacher!"

Family Oosthuizen

"Carissa is a passionate and incredibly caring therapist. She equips children to reach their potential in a safe, loving environment that is supported by professionalism and sound remedial practices. She encourages her students to not only believe in themselves, but she extracts their best work, helping them to thrive at school and cope with the challenges of learning. Carissa builds capability and strengthens the fundamental building blocks of learning. We would recommend her services as a remedial therapist to any family needing support in achieving a happy, more confident child."

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